Dart! #ttc

So.. I choosed dart to write something on.

Dart.. As we all know is that sharp object that goes on the speed and reaches the point which needs pure focus. I have seen people playing with it in movies 😅

One thing which it teaches is to start with the speed ,focus, reach the destination. But this is not what I wanted to share about.

Many a times it is always stressed that we shouldn’t miss our focus at any point in life and also to move with speed …if we couldn’t get something like how it is planned, we tend to get irritated and give up.

Even if we are having a plan for ourself.. The social pressure doesn’t allow us to have that sort.

But it is completely okay to loss focus, completely okay to slow down on the process… All that matters in the end is that..we shouldn’t go out of focus completely… Missing things on middle is purely okay for us! 🙂

Published by unbiased&alive

Just a person who thinks and let's out negligible amount of random thoughts and ideas

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