Another emotion!

You all might have noticed this classic regular wear slippers!

This particular design of slipper makes me tempestuous! That’s because of my grandfather.

It makes me remember his feet. We adore people hands, we hold it, express our gratefulness through hands. But have we ever adored someone’s feet? That’s so rare.

I watched my grandpa’s feet often. Full of cracks, aged skin, perfectly cut nails. πŸ™‚ and according to me feet of our loved ones should also be adored ❀

He enters home with chocolates.These slippers make a sound when used for long time, which made me identify his return to home. He used to wash and dry it during rainy season.

The footwear is not close to me but the person associated with those slippers is always in mind, bringing me blessings, showing me love from above.

Every one of us love grandparents, but many doesn’t get opportunity to grow with them. I had that great opportunity. They were with me and I still feel grateful for that.

I don’t want to be Cringy here. Thanking people has even become an advertising these days. I just wanted to express that feeling of gratitude and the memories you have for a deceased person is also a strong feeling.!!!

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