Leafy observation! :)

This is just a very randomly observed thought that suddenly striked when I saw this leaf on my money plant and removed it:)

There were so many things that I was able to contemplate from this one leaf.

1)This leaf needed something from the outer world like..enough light, enough watering, needed air, some care from me(πŸ˜…)

2)It wouldn’t have received that at enough intervals and thus lost its colors.(“colors “,in a plants life is probably it’s life, so I could just say that it has lost its life).

What’s the takeaway?

1)We,humans also lose our colors. We feel gloomy and emptiness at times and that maybe due to various reasons.

2)We can’t blame ourself or people around us, but what we can do to not lose our color?

#Just try to embrace what we have got in our hands.

#Apart from the basic things for physical survival like the air, water, shelter.. Let’s look after our inner peace and health.

#Making efforts is the most important thing for not loosing our colors.

So, let’s just make efforts! πŸ™‚

Published by unbiased&alive

Just a person who thinks and let's out negligible amount of random thoughts and ideas

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