This is the most wonderful word expressed by different people in different ways.

It is always needed by everybody but not everybody gets that (Hard truth)

I just wanted to write about this because of this movie called “The notebook”.

Iam so poor in reviewing or watching movies. I dnt know to explain that much about a movie. But this particular movie made me cry for real.

It may be just a movie, but on seeing this movie, I could relate it with few couples i know who create miracles just because they are in love with each other. It’s so hard to get and hard to lose.

Many crave to be loved by another person but they don’t receive it back naturally. Only one person loves the other the most.You may tell me that a movie doesn’t show the hard times we face in the life. Yeah it’s true.

Due to reality and struggles, we don’t get to know the love that is actually explained. But there are couples who just believe that love can bring back anything.,and they will really achieve well in life which I have seen.

But in this world in these times, love is not respected.It is just thrown away, only the lust grows and when it is experienced it just fades away. True love is truly hard to find and when someone gets it, they should be ready to believe in the miracle without ignoring it.

And I always will love Noah and Allie from the movie. ❤

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Just a person who thinks and let's out negligible amount of random thoughts and ideas

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