What we call as decent eating!

Many among us, when we go to an outside place for eating, don’t eat in the same manner as we eat in our home.

I am not discussing about the quantity we eat.. It’s the way in which we eat.

For example.

I saw a small kid in train, he/she had a nice chocolate filled biscut in her hands. She looked it on both sides, stuffed the entire Biscut inside the mouth which was way more smaller than the Biscut.But it was too beautiful to watch the face of the child.

It was full of smile.The chocolate syrup was dripping outside her mouth on both sides,it fell all over it’s dress, but she didn’t care about the dress(coz she is a child??), didn’t care about anything, anyone.

Why did we give up on all this and changed to what we call as decent eating?.

I felt very bad because I never enjoy the food and eat forgetting everything around when I go to an outside place for eating.

What causes this?

We think people might judge us, mock at us, bla bla bla. But I want to forget this and eat food in front of lot of people, with the stuff spilling outside or in whatever way I wish to eat my food not caring about anything.

Published by unbiased&alive

Just a person who thinks and let's out negligible amount of random thoughts and ideas

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