‘Masala Puri’ kid!

The image I have added here is the boy whom I met when I wanted to have masala Puri on a rainy day! I saw this chaat corner in front of a textile shop after shopping. Since it was raining, I thought having something hot will be very good.Many went near the shop and couldn’tContinue reading “‘Masala Puri’ kid!”

Normalise singing in public! 😄

People tend to appreciate the love for music in public but make people feel embarrassed or give weird looks when a person sings few lines in public. This is a incident which happened during a travel. The songs I heard on phone were too good, it matched with the climate out, I couldn’t control hummingContinue reading “Normalise singing in public! 😄”

What we call as decent eating!

Many among us, when we go to an outside place for eating, don’t eat in the same manner as we eat in our home. I am not discussing about the quantity we eat.. It’s the way in which we eat. For example. I saw a small kid in train, he/she had a nice chocolate filledContinue reading “What we call as decent eating!”

Leafy observation! :)

This is just a very randomly observed thought that suddenly striked when I saw this leaf on my money plant and removed it:) There were so many things that I was able to contemplate from this one leaf. 1)This leaf needed something from the outer world like..enough light, enough watering, needed air, some care fromContinue reading “Leafy observation! :)”

Another emotion!

You all might have noticed this classic regular wear slippers! This particular design of slipper makes me tempestuous! That’s because of my grandfather. It makes me remember his feet. We adore people hands, we hold it, express our gratefulness through hands. But have we ever adored someone’s feet? That’s so rare. I watched my grandpa’sContinue reading “Another emotion!”

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