This is the most wonderful word expressed by different people in different ways. It is always needed by everybody but not everybody gets that (Hard truth) I just wanted to write about this because of this movie called “The notebook”. Iam so poor in reviewing or watching movies. I dnt know to explain that muchContinue reading “LOVE!”

Leafy observation! 🙂

This is just a very randomly observed thought that suddenly striked when I saw this leaf on my money plant and removed it:) There were so many things that I was able to contemplate from this one leaf. 1)This leaf needed something from the outer world like..enough light, enough watering, needed air, some care fromContinue reading “Leafy observation! :)”


Normalise people crying in public! We never ask questions or judge people when they laugh in a public place. We either watch them or feel jealous of them or just move away ignoring. But what’s the case when someone cries in public? We judge them, make fun of them, make worst assumptions, never feel jealousContinue reading “Normalize!”

Another emotion!

You all might have noticed this classic regular wear slippers! This particular design of slipper makes me tempestuous! That’s because of my grandfather. It makes me remember his feet. We adore people hands, we hold it, express our gratefulness through hands. But have we ever adored someone’s feet? That’s so rare. I watched my grandpa’sContinue reading “Another emotion!”

Observations #2

Babies on way! Many times, I observe the babies I see while travelling. What did I really get from those little ones? Those random babies we see on our streets, on way, on a mall, on a theatre etc. We all might have seen them. They don’t have any sort of connection with us. But,Continue reading “Observations #2”

Observations! #1

This is just a random observation! So, I was standing in a bus stop and that was near a juice shop. Four ladies came to the juice shop. They were workers who help in construction with daily wages. They ordered one lemonade. They were discussing that it could be so cheap I’d they had madeContinue reading “Observations! #1”

Random envy!

I have heard that at some point of life,people will really envy on some non living thing …so did I!! I was walking past on a usual way… And then saw a goddess statue on a street, under the tree,placed on a shadow side… Nice, cool air, not disturbed by anybody! Lol, this may soundContinue reading “Random envy!”

Dart! #ttc

So.. I choosed dart to write something on. Dart.. As we all know is that sharp object that goes on the speed and reaches the point which needs pure focus. I have seen people playing with it in movies 😅 One thing which it teaches is to start with the speed ,focus, reach the destination.Continue reading “Dart! #ttc”


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